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Lou Moon Lodge by Canoe Magazine 'Love Sail Feb 09

Five hours West from the capital Accra, past the slave castles in Cape Coast and Elmina, through the heart of Takoradi and then the quiet rubber plantations of Axim, the tarred road ends and the laterite soil ease you into the more gullied narrow roads to the smiling sign that points you to the tranquil, unfrequented whisper, Lou Moon lodge. Nothing better expresses the word "retreat". No internet access, rationed generator power, patched cell-phone network reception ... but instead of calling for help, you walk up the stilted bar for that sundowner, if you arrived in the evening that is.


The combination of wood, thatched roofs and plastered mud walls have a strong subconscious context of natural earthy warmth that tells you almost instantly you have left behind your commercialized mainstay. the art director carefully choose lights to serenade you through a night of subdued indulgence. The word that immediately comes to mind is 'relax', and so you may just pick out a platter from the black board. In your wait, you begin to pick out the numerous things that come together to make you own this world, and every now and then you stop short to admire the simplicity of the elements that continue to seduce you.



If your vision of Relax and Resort includes logs, cabins, the open ocean, an island, beaches with sand and stone, plants and clear walkways, it would be hard to rival the hushed ambience of Lou Moon. The option of air-conditioning and fan is probably the best option to help through the unusual heatwave that often hits the coastal regions close to the equator and Greenwich meridian, global center of the earth.


You would love this lodge for many reasons including the fact that it is unlikely you meet someone you know who has traveled this far out. If you do the short holiday weekend, you will go back already planning your return.If you do the week, well you will need a few books and have a lot of time to climb into the semi-thick bushes and explore this treasure. There is always that point where you lounge for hours, peering into the distance till the skies and seas merge in the horizon.

Lonely Planet (Our Pick) LOu Moon Lodge

Le Petit Futé Ghana, 3ème édition

The Accra Daily Mail, Thursday, May 29, 2008



"Studio 53 journeys to Ghana, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Sao Tome and Eritria"

Lou Moon Travel Story - Ghana

Lou Moon is Ghana's little undiscovered treasure. Situated in Axim which, in itself is rich in history that dates back to 1515. Lou Moon is situated on 24 acres of sandy shores, which are surrounded bt sandy beaches and deep green jungles. Lou Moon's white sandy shores makes for pure pleasure in the form of long beach walks and pebble collection. The gateway is divided into small exotic residences. Anita seizes the opportunity to relax from the hectic journeys of the day.






JIVE, June 04-June11, 2008


"Paradise in Ghana at Lou Moon"

When my friend invited me to stay at Lou Moon for 2 days I cringed but was also excited. I cringed because I thought of the long drive and was excited because I had heard about Lou Moon 2 years ago and had always wanted to visit and here was an opportunity I was not going to miss. Plus I was getting away from the frenzy of Accra. Surprisingly, because the road is so good, we had a rented car and we didn't go through Takoradi, it took us only 4hours.

Located on a 24 acres of pristine beach and surrounded by jungle and forest, Lou Moon is located a few minutes from Axim town. Lou Moon boasts a beautiful natural bay that makes swimming extremely safe, protected from the Atlantic waves by an enchanting peninsula.

Everything is made out of natural material such as thatch roofs, wood, stones, mud and brick.

The lodge is small and has only 10 rooms ranging from the peaceful hillside rooms to the executive bungalows located on a private island.

Guests can also enjoy the open bar and restaurant which serves world class meals.

Lou Moon's philosophy includes a relaxed atmosphere and so they do not disturb this tranquilly with televisions and music. It is a place to go and relax, plan, make decision and regroup.





The Bays Family accommodation has 3 rooms and a suite that are located in a one story building with a beautiful view on the bay.

The first floor has an individual room and a panoramic 40m suite surrounded by a wooden decking tarrace overlooking bedroom with up to 5 beds, 1 bedroom with up to 3 beds and AC, fan and hot water.

The ground floor accommodation has 2 family rooms with up to 4 beds. Amenities include an AC, fan and hot water.

1 stayed in a bungalow located on a quiet hill (there are 2 double bungalows) that has one 2 bedrooms and a 3 bedroom room and a shared bathroom for each bungalow.




There are two individual bungalows located on a private island with a panoramic view of the bay.

On the ocean side is an exquisite bungalow erected on the rocky shore facing the ocean. It contains 1 bedroom can take up to 3 beds and also has AC, fan and hot water.

The restaurant and main setting areas are located on a large terrace area suspended on stilts in the middle of a luxurious garden with natural sculptures. The Lou Moon is eco-friendly as it has adopted the rules of fair trade and responsible tourism by using the fresh catch of the day as well as home grown products from fishermen and farmers in the area. You can enjoy the beautiful sunset at the bar whilst the chef and his staff prepare tasty African and European meals. The lobsters are kept fresh and alive in the bay till dinner and the grilled lobster is divine, not to mention the sorbet's for dessert.

They are activities such as Swimming, Sea canoeing, Beach volley.

For the more adventurous there are activities such as hiring a dugout canoe at the next village (Ankobra) for a trip through the mangroves on the Ankobra River or drive inner land to meet the small scale gold-miners.

Visiting the rain forest national parks of Ankassa (80 km) and Kakum (150 km). Taking a canoe trip across the Amansuri Lake to the Nzulezu stilt village. Visiting Axims 16th Century (1515) fort.

It is one of the best examples of the 40 colonial forts spread along the Ghanaian coastline and is under the Unesco World Heritage Trust.

Take some time off and discover this tranquil spot in Ghana.


To contact them and make reservation their website is, email : and telephone 0244.42.44.97 or



Enjoy Accra, 2007